Fashion designer and actor, Kovid Mittal, charms everyone with his talent


Having the liberty to style someone and create their ‘Outfit Of The Day , is a boon that every designer desires. Kovid Mittal, a beguiling name in the fashion industry believes the same. The actor and designer has been in the arena since ten years now. Kovid is actually more into acting but likes to get creative with his designs. He has his own men’s label and all his runway shows deem out to be a huge success always. Talking about his way on the ramp, Kovid Mittal shares the highlights of his successful journey.

What value did this event add to your life?

I always had an inclination towards fashion. Ever since I was young, my clothing and style was admired by all. That gave me confidence that I could work on this and launch my own men’s label. Putting together my very first runway show and making it a success was the breakthrough I needed. People started recognizing me and my label which made me power through the biggest decisions of my life.

What is the first thought that crosses your mind when you see someone else’s design walk the ramp?

I have always believed that ‘Life is a learning Lesson’. Everytime I see someone’s work from the other side of the table, I take notes on how to make myself better. That is the only way to grow actually. Take the positive from your competitors and learn on how to excel mutually.

Talking about Ranjeet, how was it working with and styling a brand name of the entertainment sector?

The thing with working with a well-established name in the media industry is you cannot experiment much. They already have their style statement which they are comfortable with and that is how their audience knows them. So working along the same lines, I realized that Ranjeet is always seen wearing a headgear, so that is what I decided to get creative at. And, as one can see Ranjeet, being the show-stopper loved my designs and gave my first show the boost it needed.

‘DemiGods’, what was your inspo behind this concept?

I wanted to create a line of designs which makes people go WOW with its first look. I am portraying it in a way that it seems like ‘Gods of fashion have themselves walked down the aisle from heaven’- hence, ‘DemiGods’. The outfits that give you the flexibility to style it up or down according to your need.

The one hurdle designers often face in the fashion industry and how would you want to guide the upcoming designers through the same?

Fashion is expensive and maintaining its standards according to your label is even more extravagant. From getting a good quality fabric that is actually wearable in public and moderating models for the launch to the extent of creativeness needed for shooting your trailer, everything comes at a lavish price. Apart from this, whenever you go to a media publication for coverage, one question that stays at the tip of their tongue is “Are you bringing a showstopper?” This is how we limit our designers and their shows. Not everyone can afford a huge name to carry them forward. In my opinion this is the biggest hurdle- designers are judged on the basis of their ability to make the biggest name walk the ramp and not their knack of designing. To the new fashion aspirants my advice is, do not get disheartened when something doesn’t work out. Sit on it and improvise…Your breakthrough is always ‘one design away’!

What has been your biggest milestone achieved till now and how do you plan to work on it in future?

Apart from fashion designing, I am also an actor and a model. Recently, my travel film, ‘6387 meters black peak’ won the best film award at the International Canadian Film Festival. I am overwhelmed by the love it received. I am planning to work on creating more content now, focusing on films and who knows maybe one day I might also start designing the outfits for my own movies.

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