Tanzania: Corona (Covid-19) report found positive of goat and papaya


Is the World Health Organization (WHO) kidding the world ????

Covid19 (Corona virus) is exploding slowly, this news is from the African country of Tanzania. pombe Magufuli Magufuli suspects that something is wrong

He adopted a peculiar method.He sent a simpleb taken from a sheep, a goat and a papaya fruit to the National Laboratory for testing.

The sample sent has been written in the name of humans and different ages. It is surprising that the results of both the animals goat and sheep and Papista suffered

He then handed over the entire @ Covid19 test kit to the army from abroad and ordered the inquiry.

The President of Tanzania says that there is definitely a big game being played under the guise of Corona

After this incident, international institutions have criticized the Tanzanian Sadar in this manner and made it wrong.

The International Agenda is playing something under the garb of Corona

What the biggest countries of the world could not do, they made a small country of Africa:

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